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PREMIUM: All the +63 Sample Packs & Drum Kits by VILARCORP (83% OFF)

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VILARCORP is proud to present PREMIUM – the complete collection of every single drum kit and sample pack that we have created.

This collection contains access to all the packages we have released, allowing you to download all our packages with a single payment.

This means that once you purchase the PREMIUM collection you will have access to the packages that have been released - and also to those we will launch in the future.

This way you will have access the VILARCORP's entire inventory of samples, loops and drum kits.

What does the PREMIUM collection include?

PREMIUM currently includes 63 packs, with a total size of 15 GB.

PREMIUM is a lifetime deal: You will have access to upcoming packages! 😎


  • ORIGINS Hip Hop Drum Kit
  • BLING BLING Trap Drum Kit
  • SUPREME Trap Drum Kit
  • MEMPHIS Phonk Sample Pack & Drum Kit Collection
  • VANDAL Phonk Drum Kit
  • MAJESTIC Lo-Fi Hip Hop Drum Kit
  • ChilledCow Lo-Fi Hip Hop Drum Kit
  • MONEY Trap Drum Kit
  • ADDICTIVE Hip-Hop Drum Kit
  • COWBELL Phonk Drum Kit
  • AUTHENTIC Lo-Fi Hip Hop Drum Kit
  • DRIFT Phonk Drum Kit
  • TRAPHONE Drum Kit
  • VYBES Trap Drum Kit
  • COOKIE Trap Drum Kit
  • INVADERS Trap Drum Kit
  • LEAN Trap Drum Kit
  • EASY Trap Drum Kit
  • HUMBLE Trap Drum Kit
  • WAKEFULNESS Lo-Fi Hip Hop Drum Kit
  • NASCAR Trap Drum Kit
  • LOOSER Trap Drum Kit
  • SPOOKY Phonk Drum Kit
  • PLAYA Phonk Drum Kit
  • DREAMS Lo-Fi Hip Hop Drum Kit
  • GENUINE Lo-Fi Hip Hop Drum Kit


  • ELEMENTAL Trap Loops
  • CHAINS Trap Loops
  • CHIEF Trap Loops
  • CLOUT Trap Loops
  • ZESTY Trap Loops
  • DOPE Trap Loops
  • SPRITE Trap Loops
  • FIERY Trap Loops
  • TRAPPIN Trap Loops
  • ALIEN Trap Loops
  • ROLLY Loop Kit


  • Admise Midi Kit
  • Bafflenug Piano Midi Kit
  • Bresto Acoustic Guitar Midi Kit
  • Cavere Piano Midi Kit
  • Chords Midi Kit
  • Cochinchawa Midi Kit
  • Dex Drill Midi Kit
  • Flumjumble R&B Chord Progressions MIDI Kit
  • Frosco Midi Kit
  • Harmonixia Midi Kit
  • Horoshi Midi Kit
  • Kazuki Snares Midi Kit
  • Kitan Electric Guitar Midi Kit
  • Pikolo HiHats Midi Kit
  • Pragmatic Midi Kit
  • Quiblitz Midi Kit
  • Scales Chords Midi Kit
  • Sense Midi Kit
  • Snickerdoot Drums Midi Kit
  • Soland Midi Kit
  • Solaris Midi Kit
  • Trapcento Midi Kit
  • Vortex Midi Kit
  • Zabbletwist Midi Kit
  • Zonkly Drums Midi Kit

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63 Packs (15 GB)

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PREMIUM: All the +63 Sample Packs & Drum Kits by VILARCORP (83% OFF)

7 ratings