(FREE) PLAYA Phonk Drum Kit

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Unleash Your Creativity with the PLAYA Phonk Drum Kit. Aspiring Phonk producers, this one's for you. Introducing the PLAYA Phonk Drum Kit - 115-sounds sample pack overflowing with high-quality sounds to ignite your next Drift Phonk or Phonk beat. Compressing at 92.2 MB and expanding to 124 MB, this lightweight yet mighty kit equips you with all the tools needed to channel Memphis rap's distinctive gritty, lo-fi vibe.

Twelve booming 808 bass samples form the bedrock. From short, clipped hits to elongated subs, each 808 packs an earth-shaking punch. Build the foundations with thudding kicks, crispy snares, and sharp claps before exploring an inspiring palette of atmospheric sounds.

Ten cinematic risers, impacts, and vocal accents help build suspense and drama within your Phonk creations. Filter sweeps, vinyl crackle, and movie samples imbue beats with a vintage film sample vibe. And ten autotune-drenched vocal adlibs allow you to incorporate iconic Phonk vocals in just a few clicks.

When building beats, texture and groove are everything. Luckily, this kit delivers diverse melodic and rhythmic elements to inject tracks with movement and character. Ten distinctive cowbell samples cut through the mix to drive beats forward. Eleven open and closed hi-hats provide crispy, shuffling rhythms. And nine distinctive one-shot melody samples allow you to drop in alien synth lines, perfect for capturing that drift phonk vibe.

Whatever ingredients you reach for, this kit presents them with polish and punch. Sounds have been expertly processed andpack exciting sonic detail that shimmers on large soundsystems. Release your inner Memphis producer and craft lean, rugged phonk beats dripping in vintage dirt with the PLAYA Phonk Drum Kit.

PLAYA Phonk Drum Kit Specifications

This package has 115 sounds and has a compressed weight of 92,2 MB (124 MB uncompressed).

  • 808 (12)
  • Claps (8)
  • Cowbell (10)
  • FX (10)
  • HiHats (10)
  • Kicks (11)
  • Movie Samples (6)
  • Open Hats (11)
  • Samples (9)
  • Snares (15)
  • Vinyl (3)
  • Vocal Samples (10)

92.3 MB
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(FREE) PLAYA Phonk Drum Kit

9 ratings