DRIFT Phonk Drum Kit

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Introducing the DRIFT Phonk Drum Kit - The Ultimate Phonk Sound Kit

Phonk music has exploded in popularity over the last few years. The gritty, drifting beats and dark atmosphere have captivated producers and listeners alike. Now, VILARCORP has released the ultimate phonk drum kit for music creators - introducing DRIFT.

With 116 high-quality phonk drum samples to explore, DRIFT gives you everything you need to start crafting your own signature Memphis-style beats. This is a drum kit tailor-made for the phonk genre - packed with deep 808s, crisp snares and percussion, vocal chops, FX, and more to fuel your productions.

As soon as you open the DRIFT kit, you'll notice the crisp, clear sound design. All samples have been expertly mastered and curated for instant use in your next creation. The 32.5MB kit unzips to give you over 49MB of diverse drum content to play with.

Dive into the 12 expertly-designed 808 bass samples that form the core of any great phonk beat. They cover all the bases - with short, snappy 808s as well as long, sustained bass tones. You'll also discover an array of 11 cowbell samples, ranging from dusty and lo-fi to more digital bell tones.

To cut through the mix, DRIFT provides a plethora of distinctive snares and crisp percussion. 16 snare samples deliver both tight and boomy options. 20 varied hi-hat samples offer plenty of groove and ride options. You'll also get 13 open hats and a bonus folder of 13 vocal chops and 12 impactful FX samples.

Everything has been lovingly processed using high-end hardware and software for maximum sonic impact. All the sounds gel together wonderfully while retaining their own unique flavor.

Whether you make phonk beats as a hobby or career, DRIFT immediately raises your productions. This is a specialist drum kit made for the phonk genre. Have fun digging through the samples and landing on exciting new beat ideas.

DRIFT removes any barriers for creating your own Memphis drift phonk tracks with serious heat. Download your copy today direct from VILARCORP and share your phonk creations with the world.

About DRIFT Phonk Drum Kit

Files: 116 sounds

Size: 32,5MB (49,6MB Unzipped)

  • 808 (12)
  • Cowbell (11)
  • FX (13)
  • HiHats (20)
  • Kicks (19)
  • Open Hats (13)
  • Snares (16)
  • Vocal (12)


116 sounds

32.6 MB
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DRIFT Phonk Drum Kit

6 ratings